Friday, June 7, 2013

Nate Golan's "My Synthesized Life"

Some of you might remember my remember my earlier posts on Nate Golan, which dealt with his webseries "Workshop" and his short film "Briefcase."  Well, Nate sent me the trailer for his new webseries "My Synthesized Life."  It's a comedy about a young man whose voice naturally synthesizes after he gets electrocuted by his radio during a rap song.

"Jimmy Bales, a 25 year old average office worker, narrowly survives a near car crash, gets electrocuted, and blacks out. From that moment on, whenever he gets nervous, his voice naturally synthesizes. He life is thrown into turmoil, but through the help of his outgoing roommate Steve, and Steve's younger sister Liz, Jimmy discovers the benefits of his synthesized life."

Check out the trailer below:>

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