Monday, April 9, 2012

My KsiteTV op-ed: "What's to blame for dead 'Ringer?'"

I've written my first guest post for the TV news site KsiteTV, entitled "What's to Blame for Dead 'Ringer?'"

Last fall, there were few shows I was anticipating as much as Ringer.  As a long-time Buffy fan, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to television after watching her relegated to infrequent film appearances like her turn in Southland Tales.

Flash-forward to the present, where Ringer tops my list of “Biggest disappointments of the fall season.”  I’d never have guessed this was possible.  I was a pre-sold viewer for this.  For the most part, the cast has been pretty solid.  Gellar has done a fantastic job differentiating Bridget from Siobhan, to the point where the viewer can tell immediately which one she’s supposed to be playing.  I’d also single out Ioan Gruffudd for giving his part significant depth and nuance even in the early weeks where the Andrew character was underwritten.

I can’t be alone in my assessment – ratings have been alarmingly low through most of its run, but particularly in recent weeks.  The CW hasn’t officially canceled the series yet, but the writing is all on the wall.  Not only is the network burning off all the new episodes prior to the May sweeps, but the finale’s lead-in is a rerun of 90210.

So what went wrong?

To find out, head on over to KsiteTV and check out the rest.


  1. I watch the show, but I couldn't help thinking how can they sustain this premise for a long period of time? The premise feels like a one season show maybe two, but even then. It just feels dragged out.

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