Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Talkback - Best "insider" movie on Hollywood.

It seems like "meta" is perpetually in fashion.  Heck, just last weekend the extremely self-aware horror film Cabin in the Woods came out.  As this Moviefone column points out, this year is also the 20th anniversary of Robert Altman's The Player

When I started working in Hollywood, I quickly came to the realization that depictions of the business in projects like The Player and Entourage are somehow simultanously exaggerated and pretty darn close to the mark.  Yeah, that's an impossibility - but what I really mean is that Entourage might not be how the business IS, but it's often somewhere between how the culture feels, and how the players see themselves.

So what's your favorite "insider" look at Hollywood?


  1. Grosse Pointe! TV series, but still fun. I doubt it's steeped in reality, but I still enjoyed it.

  2. I've always enjoyed THE BIG PICTURE with Kevin Bacon.

  3. It's pretty close to prophetic how much the themes of "Network" have come to fruition. It's Satire it its fiercest, ahead of its time, and one of the very best films ever made.

    Also, The Player is pretty spot on, even if over-exaggerated. Even if it seems nuts that :::SPOILER::: a film exec would kill a loud-mouth Screenwriter, it's not hard to imagine it actually happening.

  4. Swimming with Sharks! Although that might just be because Kevin Spacey is in it.

  5. State and Main is always my favorite (nobody tops Mamet), with Get Shorty a close second. I like The Player but it's more a director's movie than a writer's movie (the cameos, symbolism, and artsy direction get a little self-indulgent and pretentious as the film wears on).

    I prefer a movie that's too inside for mainstream moviegoers (proving that the filmmakers aren't afraid to alienate idiots) but just because something is realistic and inside-Hollywood, doesn't mean it's interesting (see: cameos in Entourage or The Player which basically amount to 'Hi, (insert celebrity here.' 'Hi.' 'I loved you in (insert movie here). You're so great.' 'Thanks.' 'Well, bye.')