Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Briefcase" has been licensed by Netflix

Remember a few weeks back when I featured the short film Briefcase by Nate Golon?  Well, Nate sent me an email last week with the news that Netflix has decided to license it for use online and in retail stores.  I'll let him take it from here:

Several weeks ago, after 'Briefcase' premiered on YouTube, a friend of mine contacted me, and told me that Netflix was looking for a cinematic looking short film to license. Netflix is now offering a VOD feature in many new TVs, and they wanted a film that could play in retail stores worldwide, as an "example" of the quality of films Netflix offers, without having to license a studio film. My friend connected them with 'Briefcase,' and Netflix wanted to exclusively license it. I agreed, on the conditions that I could still retain ownership, keep it online, submit it to film festivals, and develop it into a larger project in the future. 

 So 'Briefcase' is not going to be offered as a film to rent on Netflix. But in many ways, the film will actually have much more exposure with the licensing agreement we agreed to. Netflix may also use pieces of 'Briefcase' online, as further advertising as "examples" of what Netflix has to offer. The licensing agreement is a win win in my book, as it also gives 'Briefcase' much more notoriety. It also helps me for future projects, as I can now say my last two projects, "Workshop" and 'Briefcase,' have been licensed by Hulu and Netflix, respectively.

 So congrats to Nate, and it's a good lesson that you can never know what will come of a short film, so if you've got the means, why aren't you making one?

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