Friday, October 5, 2012

Interview with TV writer Liz Tigelaar, creator of "Life Unexpected" - Part 12: Network overall deal, working on Once Upon a Time and Revenge

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Part 2 - First Staff Writer Job on "American Dreams"
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Part 11 - LUX lives on

How about some more business oriented questions? In this segment, Liz explains what it means for a writer to have an "overall deal" with a network.  If you read the trades, you may have seen that term crop up a lot.

The other interesting apsect of Liz's answer is the way she explains how a show can evolve beyond its original conception as other members of the writing staff contribute their voices and imprint their perspective onto the show's voice.

Further, Liz explains the difference between writing on Once Upon a Time and writing on Revenge, and how working on both shows forced her to come at stories in a way unlike her usual process.

Part 13 - The Bitter Questions

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