Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Interview with TV writer Liz Tigelaar, creator of "Life Unexpected" - Part 6: Genesis of Life Unexpected

Part 1 - Breaking in as an assistant
Part 2 - First Staff Writer Job on "American Dreams"
Part 3 - How Do I Get an Agent?
Part 4 - Selling a Pilot
Part 5 - Personal Themes in Writing

This next interview clip deals with the origins of Life Unexpected, and so I can understand that those readers unfamiliar with the show might be inclined to skip this clip, but you'd miss out on a fascinating bit of conversation.  Here we discuss where Liz takes inspiration, whether it's from her own life and views, and also how she develops and discovers her themes in writing.

Certainly you'll have more appreciation for this if you're already know the show and the characters, but even if you don't, I think you'll be able to keep up.  I know I'm always fascinated to learn how much of themselves a writer puts into their characters.

Part 7 - First-Time Showrunner
Part 8 - Developing the second year of LUX
Part 9 - Dealing with network notes
Part 10 - Controversial LUX storylines
Part 11 - LUX lives on
Part 12 - Network overall deal, working on Once Upon a Time and Revenge
Part 13 - The Bitter Questions

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