Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: Are you joining Black List 3.0?

Due to the way posts were scheduled last week, I never really got a chance to ask this - how many of you are considering or have already joined Black List 3.0?


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  2. I've considered it.

    It depends on a few things:

    -I've just been hired to write my first feature length. It's a small budget movie, but the real deal. I'm on that until sometime next year.

    -If that doesn't lead to other opportunities, then I have script that needs one more polish before it's ready to be put up anywhere.

    So, depending on how my current deal pans out, and how quickly I can write another draft, The Black List 3.0 might see me as a member, mid-summer, in 2012.

  3. We jumped in early,figuring there is no real downside, just need to be mindful of the monthly bill and realistic about pulling the plug if rating is poor or doesn't get any traffic.

    We got two downloads the first day. One is the paid reader, I'm guessing, but one is by someone who is actually interested in our medieval zombie action/horror -- and people interested in medieval zombie flicks isn't a very big universe.

    One improvement I'd suggest: don't start running the clock on the monthly posting until after the writer gets the reader rating/scorecard/whatever -- not really sure what the posting writer sees. We may not get reader rating for a couple of weeks -- dead time on the posting. Especially if rating comes back "This really, really sucks."

    It's a worthy experiment.

  4. Eventually. Stuff I'm working on is not ready. But soon.

  5. Yes. If you truly believe that you have a solid script that's ready, I can't think of a single reason not to try this (other than cost). There are some things that I don't understand, like the "script log". I've searched for a screenwriter FAQ, but there's not much there. But there's bound to be a few things that need to be tweaked with a new system like this.

    Having knowledge in database design, there are some quirky search issues that need more investigation. I'm going to write about my findings (as well as share it with the folks at The Black List).

    I'm looking forward to seeing how my first paid read fares, since I've gotten two solid industry reads/endorsements so far outside of The Black List.

  6. Hi BSR-

    I uploaded my screenplay on Oct. 15 and just got my first rating today - a respectable 7 (not great but still just above the community average rating). And while I'm completely satisfied with the feedback I received (you can read it here if you're interested: https://blcklst.com/members/script/3899), I can't help but think, "what now?" I mean, is a rating of 7 high enough to get noticed on the BL? Should I get a second opinion and shell out $50 for another review? Is there anything else I can do to be more proactive about getting my script read by the right people?

    Also, I saw that someone else's screenplay got a rating of 9, but in the 'Prospects' section of their review, the reader made the comment that while the script was extremely well done, "it may have difficulty finding a large commercial audience were it to be produced." In the 'Prospects' section of my script's review, the reader said "The script is well done and can find a commercial audience..." So what do you think is more attractive to industry professionals: a script with a high rating but lower commercial appeal, or a script with an average rating but with more commercial potential?

    Thanks in advance for any response to my questions.

  7. After I've polished up some work and received a "consider" rating from other readers, then I'll try it out. For now, gotta wait, unless they do something similar for TV...

  8. I got to check it out from the member side and its decent so far. Got an email today with some suggestions but didnt download any yet. I think its kind of cool that they tell you if someone downloads your stuff or not.

  9. After hearing Franklin Leonard's interviews with Bitter and John August, I'm impressed. He seems smart and eager to make his service the best for marketing unknown talent. I hope everyone will tell him their ideas to make it even better.

    I'll know more about the current state of the service when I upload something soon.

  10. Clint - I was thinking the same thing about starting the clock, especially since there's no guarantee of how quickly a writer's work will be read.

  11. Hi everyone, it's Franklin. Wanted to thank you all for your kind words and try to address some of the questions raised here, the two biggest of which seems to be the fact that the clock starts as soon as a script is uploaded and how long reviews take to turn around.

    On the first question, though I understand people's questions about it, we decided on this structure to provide writers the most flexibility in how they choose to promote their scripts. Just because the script is on the site without ratings doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to get your script read on the site. I'd encourage writers to creative options to attract attention to their screenplay rather than simply waiting for their paid reads to come in.

    On the second, the turnaround time on reads varies based on demand. Currently we expect waits of no longer than 2-2.5 weeks and I can tell you that most scripts are getting turned around far more quickly than that.

    Also, for big picture questions, I'd encourage you to check out "The What, How, and The Why of the Black LIst: the Long Answer" which was excerpted at the TheWrap.com but can be read in full here: http://blog.blcklst.com/2012/10/the-what-how-and-why-of-the-black-list-the-long-answer-by-franklin-leonard/

  12. I just uploaded my script (which is supposedly being read right now by someone in a big studio) and messed up cut&pasting the logline.
    I think the system could be improved and it's certainly not cheap. I'm dropping my IMDB pro account for a few months to pay for this.

  13. The correct link for my script is
    Don't try to upload secured PDF scripts as I did; they can't be converted to be read online.
    Now it's all fixed thanks to the kind people of their tech support.

  14. I have! Still need to activate my account though.

  15. But isn't Blacklist just another version of Inktip - charging you to put it in a database where, allegedly, it will be found by someone who can push it further up the chain.