Friday, April 8, 2011

Fantasy Network Mogul: Part 5 - CW

Part 1: ABC
Part 2: CBS
Part 3: FOX
Part 4: NBC

I've saved the easiest one for last.

Canceled: Life Unexpected, Smallville
Endangered: One Tree Hill, Nikita

The network has ordered six drama pilots. Of them, two stand out. Based on this, I'd say Nikita stands good odds of coming back, and One Tree Hill might even return, pending a deal with the cast.

Logline: A dramatic series centering on a committed young female attorney who teams with a man who has recently transformed from angel to human on a legal aid clinic, she saving clients' skins while he saves their souls.
Cast: Ben Aldridge, Elizabeth Ho
Creatives: Richard Hatem (writer), Mimi Leder (director)
Thoughts: The CW always hits it big with supernatural concepts. The only thing that might hurt this show's chances is if they decide not to pick up two supernatural pilots.

Secret Circle
Logline: The story of a young girl who moves to a new town and discovers that not only is she a witch and part of a secret coven, but she’s also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil.
Cast: Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Natasha Henstridge
Creatives: Kevin Williamson, Andrew Miller (writers), Liz Friedlander (director)
Thoughts: Britt Robertson has been very strong in everything she's done before. The series would make a strong companion to Williamson's other CW hit The Vampire Diaries. For this season and this network, this is as much of a sure bet as anything else.

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  1. Smallville and One Tree Hill are still on the air? I thought those ended years ago.