Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Job Watch - looking for Writer's Assistant jobs

I got an email last week asking for an update on my job search. At the moment, I haven't really hit paydirt. I've been lucky enough to meet with a few writer's assistants who've offered to pass my resume along, and I've corresponded with a few working writers. As I suspected back when I put my initial plea out there in March, I'm still a little early. There's still about three weeks until the upfronts that announce the lineups. That means that shows on the bubble don't yet know if they're coming back, and most pilots certainly don't know if they're picked up yet either.

I admit there was some strategy to putting that first call out there so early. I figured it was better to be a bit ahead of the curve and have some time to talk to those contacts personally while they were free, rather than risk waiting too long and contacting them after any open positions might have already been filled. So yeah, it's mostly been meet-and-greets and a few polite emails, but that's the reality of looking for work in this business.

I will say that by writing this blog over the last two years, it has helped in making contact with people. I don't have a huge readership when you compare me to something like Ain't It Cool News, but I do have an audience of people within the industry. (Frankly, I still get shocked when someone working on a TV show or movie has heard of my blog. Sometimes I forget people actually read my ramblings.) It's become something of a calling card and it's given me a bit of credibility too. Most of all, I think it's put a face to my resume.

So this would be my advice to those of you trying to network long-distance: start a blog and get a Twitter. I talked to one assistant who made many professional contacts via Twitter before moving out to LA and that later led to help finding a roommate and getting settled upon coming to Hollywood.

If my blog directly leads to a new job, I'll certainly update you all. (Knowing me, I'll probably get at least a post or two out of it.) In the meantime, I'm aggressively looking for a job as a writer's assistant - or even a writers' PA if that's what it takes to get my foot in the door on a show. So if you're a fan of my writing and think I'm the sort of personality who'd fit well on your support staff, please contact me.

Like the side of the blog says, I've read for agencies and production companies. I've worked in development and have a fair amount of experience in the industry. Honestly, I'm keeping my eyes open for development openings too, as I'm aware my resume is pretty tailored to that position.

So if you've got any openings, please drop me a line at We'll chat and I'll give you my resume, no obligation. I've got plenty of good references too if you're not willing to take my word for it.


  1. There should be a meet and greet for industry bloggers.

  2. It's how I got my negativity about Star Wars probably costs me as many connections as it makes me. Curb your ire if you want to maximize your connections...