Monday, December 17, 2012

Interview with Franklin Leonard of the Black List - Part 1 - The Origin of the Black List

Today at 9am PST, The 2012 Black List will be announced via Twitter at their handle @theblcklst.  It's the highly-anticipated list of scripts in Hollywood that have been voted "most-liked" by a survey of Hollywood industry professionals.

But while we wait for that, perhaps you'd be interested in hearing the origins of the Black List, which is explored in the first part of my three-part interview with Black List creator Franklin Leonard.  I've talked with Franklin before about Black List 3.0, but this time we're talking about the colonel's original recipe version of The Black List.

Part 2 - Criticisms of the Black List

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  1. Interesting interview. Always cool learning new things about things which have caused such a buzz. Frankin Leonard rocks! His endeavor has helped my fellow breathren score some sales -- and I'm all for that. Way to go Franklin! Sounds like you've a fun ride to get where you are now. Hope you're happy, you give off the appearance of being extreamly serious. Cue: puppet's gotta getcha to laugh.