Monday, December 17, 2012

Interview with Franklin Leonard of the Black List - Part 2 - Criticisms of the Black List

 Part 1 - The Origin of the Black List

So the new Black List is out!  You can find it on their website here or you can just mosey on over to Go into the Story for the details.

Every year, the release of a new Black List is accompanied by some familiar complaints (and if I'm being frank, some misunderstandings) about the selections.  While I had the list's creator, Franklin Leonard, in the hot seat, I couldn't resist asking him about this.  So if you are suspicious that agents and managers try to manipulate the list, or you hate the fact that so many established writers are on it instead of undiscovered ones, you probably should take a look at this.

The final part will come tomorrow!

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  1. I think it's totally cool when pre-pro(undiscovered writers) get compared DIRECTLY to pro (established writers). Great job with the lists over the years, Franklin Leonard. Your efforts are appreciated, and you're a hero of sorts in my eyes. I wish you nothing but continued success. And hope you find great scripts to produce along the way -- even if they're not mine. Rock on!