Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interview with screenwriter F. Scott Frazier: Part 3 - "The Working Writer"

Part 1 - His stats and process
Part 2 - "How do you get an agent?"

Our chat with screenwriter F. Scott Frazier continues with a discussion of some of the realities of being a working writer, including going on meetings, dealing with notes, pitching for assignment work and dealing with rewrites.

As I said yesterday, feel free to submit follow up questions and I'll forward them on to Scott.

Part 4 - The Bitter Questions


  1. Another great informative interview.

  2. Curious about his batting average.
    When he has a good idea that can sell, generally how many meetings does it take to make the sale?

  3. Wow, I'm in love and I'm not even gay! F. Scott Frazier is a total stud. Wow, all those meetings! If there's one big takeaway from this latest video it's all the meetings he took. 150+ a year! Wow, cool beans. F. Scott Frazier must know a TON of Hollywood players.

    Sucess breeds more success, and I'm hoping F. Scott Frazier continues to be successful and happy. He sure seams like a nice guy. Hope he's got a nice girl to go along with his nice-guyness. See, I told you I wasn't gay!

  4. Also curious about how Scott feels about budget.
    Does he target scripts within a certain budget range?

    Thanks for the interview.