Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview with Franklin Leonard of the Black List - Part 3 - The Black List Statistics

Part 1 - The Origin of the Black List
Part 2 - Criticisms of the Black List

In this final segment of my interview with Franklin Leonard, we discuss some of the statistics of the Black List.  Also, I pitch Franklin an idea for notifying the Black List winners that's even more unexpected than the Twitter announcement this year.  His response may surprise you.

Franklin also explains what he looks for as a development executive when he reads a script.

Thanks again to Franklin Leonard for being my first guest to return to the show!  I hope you guys enjoyed the interview.


  1. Franklin Leonard dresses nicely, and has a voice that I'm sure pays dividends with the ladies.

    Puppet. On your Christmass list you need to to ask Santa for a comb. Then maybe hit-up Franklin Leoard for a forth meeting where teaches the puppet how to use the comb.

  2. "Leave them in awe."

    Slow clap HOOSIERS-style to that bit of wisdom.