Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interview with screenwriter F. Scott Frazier: Part 2 - "How do you get an agent?"

Part 1 - His stats and process

In this segment of my interview with screenwriter F. Scott Frazier, I ask him the question every writer gets from aspiring writers: "How did you get your agent?"

I've talked to Scott and he's agreed to answer any follow-up questions you guys have.  Just leave them as comments or email them to me and I'll pass them on for Scott to answer in a post sometime next week.

Part 3 - The Working Writer.
Part 4 - The Bitter Questions


  1. Very awesome. How does he have the time?
    Same follow up questions as before:

    How much prep work, note cards, outline etc. before cranking out first draft?

    How much of "vomit draft" typically survives and ends up in final product?

  2. General observation: the puppet needs to COMB HIS HAIR before doing an interview with stud screenwriters like F. Scott Frazier. Geesh.

    Interview wise, F. Scott Frazier continues to handle himself well. Who says writer can't socialize?

  3. Great interview.
    Thanks Bitter.

    Just goes to show you the cool people you can meet if you're a puppet.

  4. Really interesting interview. Is "Embassy" available to read somewhere? I always like to read scripts that got people noticed. Thanks.